Month: September 2017


Cameroon city deserted ahead of ‘independence’ declaration

The main city in a restive English-speaking region of Cameroon is a virtual ghost town , with armed police patrolleing the streets on the eve of an expected – but symbolic – declaration of independence from the French-speaking country by anglophone separatists.


Uber’s four-year journey through Africa’s fast-changing cities has been bumpy, but disruptive

Uber is celebrating four years in Africa—a marked milestone shaped by violent protests, policy disputes, and price wars since the company first launched in the continent in 2013. In that time, the San Francisco-based company has disrupted local cab industries, created tens of thousands of driver jobs and enlisting 1.8 million active riders in sub-Saharan ...


Kenyan fashion designers respond to not being “African enough”

In Not African Enough, a collection of photography and essays on Kenyan fashion, one designer bemoans what she calls the “vicious cycle of wax print.” The bright, intricately patterned fabrics that have come to define African textiles are not from East Africa, nor really from Africa at all. Yet, almost every one of the 14 ...


Les planteurs de cacao plantés

Matières premières. La Côte d’Ivoire devrait fixer le prix minimum des fèves brunes à 750 francs CFA par kilogramme pour la saison 2017-2018.


Botswana court grants transgender identity change

A court in Botswana ruled that a transgender man who has been identified as a woman since birth should be allowed to change gender on his identity document, his lawyers have said.


We haven’t considered the true cost of drone delivery medical services in Africa

The “Uber for” business model has exploded over the past several years, with countless Silicon Valley start-ups seeking to capitalize on the on-demand model made (in)famous by former CEO Travis Kalanick. In a December 2016 article in Wired, over 500 companies listed on the startup/angel investor matchmaking site AngelList included “Uber for” in their company ...


Uganda’s doctors and nurses are seeking greener pastures—in war-torn Libya

Kampala When Patrick graduated last November from nursing school in Soroti, a district in eastern Uganda, he expected the job search to be tough. As many as 58% of Ugandans are said to be out of work, according to 2016 census results, a crisis touching even the educated. With less than 10% of the government’s ...


Cameroon: The Ambazonia Declaration – How the Govt Can Avoid Bloodshed

[allAfrica] Cape Town -On September 22, while President Paul Biya was attending the UN conference in Washington, massive protests across Cameroon’s Anglophone regions brought thousands of people to the streets. It was one of the biggest protests the regime has seen in over three decades in power. But the fact that it went ahead despite ...


Zimbabwe’s economy is worsening as food lines grow and investors are left frustrated

Harare Dejection, hopelessness and desperation are written over the faces of the majority of Zimbabweans as they queue up for fuel and foodstuffs that have become scarce across the country amid fears that the country has started to slide back into the 2008 hyper-inflation era. Even bitcoin rates, which some ordinary Zimbabweans have turned to ...

The president of Togo is under pressure to resign

They’re not flagging ASSOUGEY, a technician from Lomé, the capital of Togo, was arrested on September 7th. His crime: participating in one of the anti-government protests that have rocked the country in recent weeks. A policeman beat him with the butt of his gun, he says. His left leg is covered in bruises. Like many ...