Month: November 2017


South Sudan’s youth cope with war by partying in the day time

Juba, South Sudan On Sunday afternoons after church, Wokil Makuei, 21, usually heads to the club. Fueled by soda and dancehall beats, he and his friends will party for the next several hours, grinding with girls they wouldn’t dare hold hands with in public for fear of angering their parents or brothers. He’ll be home ...


Au Zimbabwe, la révolution des autotests

Oraux et utilisables n’importe où, à l’abri de la stigmatisation, ces outils amplifient le dépistage et réduisent le nombre de séropositifs ignorant qu’ils sont porteurs du VIH.

Africans are getting healthier and wealthier…

IN MANY ways the story of Africa in the 21st century is one of success. Great strides have been made tackling diseases such as HIV/AIDS and malaria. A baby born in Africa today is less likely to die young, and more likely to go to school than one born in 2000. Life expectancy at birth ...


Meet Ami, Mali’s biggest female rapper

There aren’t many female rappers in Mali. The West African country is known for the bedouin ballads of Tinariwen, the enduring voice of Khaira Arby, and the new-rock beats of Songhoy Blues. But Mali is not so famous for its rap scene—and even less so for its female rappers. Ami is an exception. “There is ...


Who owns Kenya?

Will elections in Kenya ever usher in real change, or is the political elite too entrenched?


In East Africa, Uber and its rivals are fighting over drivers rather than passengers

Last month, the Estonian ridesharing platform Taxify, revealed it was launching in the Ugandan capital city, Kampala. What’s interesting about the company’s launch there is that it’s equally focused on marketing the promise of lower prices for riders as it is on taking lower commission fees from drivers: 15% instead of the 25% competitors take. ...