Month: December 2017


Kenya’s fintech companies are innovating to bring small businesses into their fold

Mobile operators and electronic payment firms are focusing on the hundreds of thousands of small businesses in Kenya by introducing new products specifically aimed at paying for low-value card transactions with ease, speed, and convenience. PesaPal, a Nairobi-based aggregator for online and mobile payments, recently introduced a mobile point of sale (mPOS) service known as ...

Rise of Teenage Pregnancy Deters Development Goals

Teenage mom with her baby. Credit: IPS By Lorenzo Jiménez de LuisSANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic, Dec 19 2017 (IPS) A few years ago, someone shared a video with me that deeply impacted me. It was called “The Girl Effect”. In three minutes, the video demonstrates the fate of millions of girls and teenagers around the ...


Senegalese startup brings financial solution to poor women

More than 2.5 billion people worldwide don’t have a bank account. That means they have no access to services like loans and insurance. A Senegalese is hoping to change that by combining age-old saving practices with new technology.


Forget bling: Ghana’s rappers are putting the environment center stage

Accra, Ghana In the music video for his song Gold Coast, released last year, Ghanaian rapper ELi stands on Accra’s Labadi beach, as waves and plastic bottles crash against his legs. He walks barefoot across a carpet of plastic bottles and bags, with only hints of sand peaking through. In another scene, ELi stands at ...

More Africans have electricity, but they are using less of it

TOURISTS have long been drawn to Hell’s Gate National Park in Kenya by its steep cliffs, plentiful zebras and spectacular canyons. Recently there is a new attraction; a spa set amid the cliffs, with a huge pool heated by the energy stored in the Earth’s crust. Curiously, it is not run by a tourist company, ...


The flawed logic of forced slum evictions

How do we end the vicious land grab cycle trapping the urban poor?


The hype by big business about a fast-growing African middle class has been misleading

The African middle class is of huge interest to business. This was confirmed again recently by well attended seminars in South Africa’s big cities to discuss “African Lions: groundbreaking study on the middle class in sub-Saharan Africa”. The study was motivated by the African Development Bank’s diagnosis that, “[the African middle class] has grown by ...

Using Data to Combat Prejudice Against Immigrants

Participants in the first Forum on Migration,Trade and the Global Economy held in the old Immigrants’ Hotel in Buenos Aires, where the Argentine government used to accommodate the thousands of Europeans arriving to the country in the 19th century and the early 20th century, a symbol of the positive reception that migrants once enjoyed. Credit: ...


Vincent Nguini, Guitarist With Paul Simon, Dies at 65

Mr. Simon called the Cameroonian-born Mr. Nguini, a member of his band for 30 years, “the most creative musician I’ve ever worked with.”

Migrants in Italy: “Shame Is Keeping Us Here”

Bamba Drissa from Ivory Coast was one of the 61,532 migrants who crossed the Mediterranean in January 2016. Credit: Daan Bauwens/IPS   By Daan Bauwens RIGNANO GARGANICO, Italy, Dec 12 2017 (IPS) Despite deplorable living conditions, loneliness and unemployment, many African migrants in Italy choose to stay – even when they have the means to ...