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More than 100 girls ‘missing’ after Boko Haram school attack

More than 100 girls were missing, police have said, two days after a Boko Haram attack on their school in northeast Nigeria that has raised fears of a repeat of the 2014 Chibok kidnapping that shocked the world.


Ethiopia has declared a state of emergency a day after its prime minister resigned

Ethiopia has declared a state of emergency, a day after prime minister Hailemariam Desalegn resigned. On Friday, the ruling coalition’s council announced the move was meant to uphold the rule of law and to stem a wave of anti-government protests. The state-run Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation said the council “came to the conclusion that imposing emergency ...


A gay love story set in South Africa’s secretive male traditional initiation has sparked outrage

The creators of Inxeba/The Wound always knew the film would be controversial. A hidden gay romance set in the secretive world of a traditional initiation school for Xhosa boys, the film sparked outrage long before it was released. The film’s weekend release on Feb. 2 in cinemas around the country led to protests and some ...


More Than 300 Child Soldiers Freed in South Sudan

The United Nations is working to win the release of more child soldiers in South Sudan, but all sides in the country’s civil war are believed to have recruited more than 19,000 children as fighters.


Protesters in South Sudan Denounce U.S. Arms Embargo

Protesters outside the American Embassy in South Sudan accused the United States of supporting the rebels in the country’s civil war.


Les appels à manifester contre l’austérité se multiplient au Tchad

Une marche pacifique doit avoir lieu à N’Djamena ce mardi pour protester notamment contre les coupes dans le traitement des fonctionnaires.


Surfing and yoga on the beach is helping heal victims of Somalia’s war

Somalia has the longest coastline in mainland Africa, stretching more than 3,000 kilometers (1880 miles) across the Horn. But for decades, those pristine beaches remained untouched and devoid of people and activities. And as the nation gained a semblance of peace in 2011, Somalis flocked there to swim and eat at newly-opened seaside restaurants, only ...

Why UN forces are finding it hard to bring peace to Mali

AT THE weekly market in Toya, at the edge of the Niger river, just outside the ancient city of Timbuktu, little seems to have changed. Under shelters built from branches and tarpaulins, traders in turbans with leathery faces hawk almost everything imaginable. There are slabs of rock salt, mined deep in the desert, next to ...


Cameroon soldier kills three civilians

A Cameroonian soldier shot dead three civilians overnight in the northern town of Mora, sources close to the security services have said.


South Sudan’s youth cope with war by partying in the day time

Juba, South Sudan On Sunday afternoons after church, Wokil Makuei, 21, usually heads to the club. Fueled by soda and dancehall beats, he and his friends will party for the next several hours, grinding with girls they wouldn’t dare hold hands with in public for fear of angering their parents or brothers. He’ll be home ...