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African countries won’t need to worry about China’s demand for donkey hides, for now

China has a plan to address the ban on exports of donkey slaughter imposed by many African countries it was used to trading with: to boost the breeding of donkeys domestically. Donkey hide has a high demand in China for its use in traditional Chinese medicine—ejiao—and, until recently, African countries with their rising donkey population ...

The success of Gabon special economic zone (GSEZ)

Created in 2010, GSEZ, the joint venture that brings together Olam International Ltd (40.5%), the Republic of Gabon (38.5%) and Africa Finance Corporation (21%) to develop the Nkok Special Economic Zone, today plays host to over 45 companies, mainly centred around logging. The Gabonese State’s initial objective was to attract international investors. And the gamble ...


Cinq graphiques pour comprendre la situation économique du Zimbabwe

Le président Robert Mugabe, au pouvoir depuis 1980, est poussé vers la sortie par ses opposants. Une crise politique dans un Etat déjà très fragilisé.

Francophone Africa’s CFA franc is under fire

DEBATING the merits of the CFA franc, says Guy Marius Sagna, a Senegalese activist, “is like discussing the advantages and disadvantages of slavery.” That is a ridiculous analogy. But the past year has seen protests in several cities against the currency, used by 14 countries in west and central Africa and supported by France, the ...


A Nigerian travel startup is trying to open up Africa’s tourism market to Africans

One of the many difficult things about traveling within the continent for Africans is the sparse pool of affordable hotel selections available for booking. It’s not that these hotels don’t exist, it’s that very few online booking platforms have enough information on such hotels. Global travel booking platforms with operations in Africa often list only ...


Le Zimbabwe exclut de rendre aux fermiers blancs leurs terres confisquées

Des milliers de fermiers blancs furent expulsés de leurs terres au début des années 2000 au profit de fermiers noirs, sur ordre du gouvernement de Robert Mugabe.


Africa’s biggest internet company isn’t making the right bets on African internet companies

Naspers, the Cape Town-based media and internet conglomerate, made one of the biggest and most transformative bets in its 102-year old history back in 2001. That was when it bought a 46.5% stake in Tencent, an up and coming Chinese internet company, for $34 million. It seemed expensive at the time but today (even after ...


Au Cameroun, la source de « Petrol Village » tarie par la crise anglophone

A Ekok, l’activité des nombreux vendeurs d’essence venue du Nigeria voisin est menacée par les combats entre forces de l’ordre et séparatistes.


Malawi:1.9 Million Families Face Food Shortage

[Nyasa Times] Maize production for 2017/2018 growing season will reduce by over 283,941 metric tonnes due to prolonged dry spells including fall armyworms that have 18 districts and estimates that 1.9 million families face food shortage , the Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development Joseph Mwanamvekha told Parliamnet on Monday.


Senegal’s rich history of photography showcases Africans in control of their own story

Saint-Louis, Senegal There has been increasing interest to unearth and understand Africa’s photographic history in recent years. Whether this is driven by the growing treasure trove of black and white images from the continent resurfacing; a need to dispel myths about what Africa is and is not; or a growing interest in photography for storytelling ...