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Why Cape Town is running out of water

AT THE edge of Khayelitsha, a township in Cape Town, Ntombi Mlityalwa is filling a huge old paint tin from a standpipe, with which she intends to do laundry. As water gushes, she says that it is not always so easy. The tap she is using serves an entire street of shacks. Recently, the pressure ...


Ethiopia has declared a state of emergency a day after its prime minister resigned

Ethiopia has declared a state of emergency, a day after prime minister Hailemariam Desalegn resigned. On Friday, the ruling coalition’s council announced the move was meant to uphold the rule of law and to stem a wave of anti-government protests. The state-run Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation said the council “came to the conclusion that imposing emergency ...


Jacob Zuma Steps Down as South Africa’s President

Cyril Ramaphosa, newly elected as the leader of the African National Congress, is in line to be the next leader of the country.


Morgan Tsvangirai, Longtime Foe of Mugabe in Zimbabwe, Dies at 65

A former labor leader and prime minister, he seemed on the cusp of defeating Mr. Mugabe in 2008, only to be subjected to bloody intimidation.


Le Zimbabwe exclut de rendre aux fermiers blancs leurs terres confisquées

Des milliers de fermiers blancs furent expulsés de leurs terres au début des années 2000 au profit de fermiers noirs, sur ordre du gouvernement de Robert Mugabe.


Protesters in South Sudan Denounce U.S. Arms Embargo

Protesters outside the American Embassy in South Sudan accused the United States of supporting the rebels in the country’s civil war.


Au Cameroun, la source de « Petrol Village » tarie par la crise anglophone

A Ekok, l’activité des nombreux vendeurs d’essence venue du Nigeria voisin est menacée par les combats entre forces de l’ordre et séparatistes.


Les appels à manifester contre l’austérité se multiplient au Tchad

Une marche pacifique doit avoir lieu à N’Djamena ce mardi pour protester notamment contre les coupes dans le traitement des fonctionnaires.

Francophone Africa’s CFA franc is under fire

DEBATING the merits of the CFA franc, says Guy Marius Sagna, a Senegalese activist, “is like discussing the advantages and disadvantages of slavery.” That is a ridiculous analogy. But the past year has seen protests in several cities against the currency, used by 14 countries in west and central Africa and supported by France, the ...


Cameroon soldier kills three civilians

A Cameroonian soldier shot dead three civilians overnight in the northern town of Mora, sources close to the security services have said.