Kenya wants to make its popular matatu commuter buses safe for women

Matatus are part of the landscape of Kenyan culture, the soundscape of Kenyan cities: the yellow stripes, the lights, graffiti, loud music, and often horrible driving. This is the means of transport that most Kenyans can afford, and so the means they use most. They are indispensable to most people’s daily commute. While some neighborhoods ...

Why Cape Town is running out of water

AT THE edge of Khayelitsha, a township in Cape Town, Ntombi Mlityalwa is filling a huge old paint tin from a standpipe, with which she intends to do laundry. As water gushes, she says that it is not always so easy. The tap she is using serves an entire street of shacks. Recently, the pressure ...


Ethiopia has declared a state of emergency a day after its prime minister resigned

Ethiopia has declared a state of emergency, a day after prime minister Hailemariam Desalegn resigned. On Friday, the ruling coalition’s council announced the move was meant to uphold the rule of law and to stem a wave of anti-government protests. The state-run Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation said the council “came to the conclusion that imposing emergency ...


Jacob Zuma Steps Down as South Africa’s President

Cyril Ramaphosa, newly elected as the leader of the African National Congress, is in line to be the next leader of the country.


Morgan Tsvangirai, Longtime Foe of Mugabe in Zimbabwe, Dies at 65

A former labor leader and prime minister, he seemed on the cusp of defeating Mr. Mugabe in 2008, only to be subjected to bloody intimidation.


What we know about the lions that ate a suspected poacher in South Africa

A pride of lions that mauled a suspected poacher left his head for investigators, but it’s still unclear who he was, or if he was a poacher at all. According to local news, the man’s remains were discovered on Friday near South Africa’s Kruger National Park in Limpopo province. An African correspondent for German news ...


Zimbabwe:Poachers Wield Cyanide as New Weapon Against Elephants

[allAfrica] The poaching of elephants on the continent has dramatically increased, with poachers increasingly turning to poison instead of using their noisy rifles as police and park rangers increase joint patrols.


Why poor parents in Nairobi choose private over free primary schools

The numbers of low cost private schools in low and middle income countries have exploded in recent years. These schools charge fees that are affordable to the poorest segment of the population, and often target these populations specifically. But, in many countries, these schools have been criticized for failing to meet minimum standards set by ...


This is how you capture the rise of Kenya’s vibrant contemporary art scene

There’s a general misconception that whatever passes for popular art in Kenya are the curios sold to tourists or the murals that hang in restaurants and airport lounges. But as a new book shows, nothing could be further from the truth. In over 600 pages, Visual Voices presents over 400 pieces from 57 different contemporary ...


Le Zimbabwe exclut de rendre aux fermiers blancs leurs terres confisquées

Des milliers de fermiers blancs furent expulsés de leurs terres au début des années 2000 au profit de fermiers noirs, sur ordre du gouvernement de Robert Mugabe.

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